[section id=”description” background=”custom-dark” backgroundcolor=”#e1dfdf” paddingtop=”60″ paddingbottom=”60″][header type=”large” color=”#e6ae48″] The luxurious Thermal Collection[/header][column width=”2″ paddingside=”0″][/column][column width=”8″] [text align=”center” color=”#000000″ paddingtop=”15″ paddingbottom=”0″]The luxurious Thermal Collection by Rajeunir is a natural and innovative approach to anti-aging treatments, chosen for its trans-formative results. For maximum benefits, start with the revolutionary Thermal Heating Mask. You will instantly feel the effectiveness of its self-heating technology that is enhanced by our high performance serum. After this deep treatment, soothe your skin with the Age-Defying Cream. This exclusive collection by Rajeunir, French for rejuvenate, does exactly that, and it does it in a non-invasive way that promotes your skin’s natural healing and repairing processes.[/text][/column][column width=”2″ paddingside=”0″][/column][/section][section id=”products” background=”custom-light” backgroundcolor=”#f8f8f8″ paddingtop=”0″ paddingbottom=”0″]


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